Episode #5

Today's guest is Janine Morgan. 

Janine is an enthusiastic friend, a cool mom, a dedicated school teacher, and also happens to be the wife of Orrett who you were introduced to in episode 3.  Along with their two lovely sons, they make for an exemplary outdoorsy family that is really into health and fitness.     

In this episode, we'll be hearing about one of Janine's adventures. 

British Columbia is well known for its spectacular beauty, particularly its mountains crisscrossed with gorgeous hiking trails.  Janine talks today about her attempt of The Lions Binkert Trail.  It’s a difficult hike even under normal conditions. This time it turned into a terrifying, gruelling ordeal.  Reflecting back on that day Janine reminds us of the importance of listening to our gut feelings and intuition, and the dangers of mother nature.