When you meet Daniela Stockfleth-Menis, her simple and natural beauty will grab your attention at first. Then once you actually talk with her, her warmth, friendliness, intelligence, humour and kindness will make you feel like you've been friends forever. Daniela's strong character and kind nature were nurtured from a young age. Born in Spain, Barcelona, to a Venezuelan mother and a German father, Daniela's curiosity about everything led her father to gift her a book called "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. The part that really stuck with 17-year-old Daniela was a quote saying, "Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely." Testing this idea while on the bus, Daniela commented on the beautiful skin of an older woman. The woman's priceless smile and gratitude stayed with Daniela, and she felt so rewarded and happy in that simple exchange. This experience would play a role in Daniela's future enterprise. Growing up in Madrid and Venezuela, Daniela then went onto post-secondary school in a the career of Hospitality, where she met her husband, Dave Menis. When she first saw him playing pool, with his long hair and bandana, she was smitten, as was he. He started to sit with her in class, and their friendship soon developed. One evening, after they'd already started dating, Dave was taking her up a desolate, dark mountain road on the back of his moped. Daniela felt heat on her foot and had him stop, realizing that her shoe was resting on the exhaust pipe and was getting burned. While she was looking at her shoe, Dave took off, thinking she was back on the moped. He eventually looked back to see she wasn't there, and he finally came back to get her – and found a very HOT Venezuelan! Soon they were making plans for a career, marriage, family and a move. Daniela arrived in London for work with Dave in the hospitality sector. Dave brought her flowers when he met her at the airport. She was soon unimpressed by the living arrangement of a twin bed in the staff accommodations. Dave assured her, "Don't worry, we'll move out before the flowers die." Without realizing it, Dave had bought her a plastic bouquet!

Dave and Daniela were married in '96, with celebrations held in both Venezuela and Vancouver, BC, Canada. They now have two amazing boys who know various languages and also travel.

Daniela worked hard in Canada, both in the hospitality sector for over a decade, as well as for fundraising groups like Big Brothers. While working at Big Brothers, she got to meet the volunteers and the 'little.' brothers, and she found their life experiences and stories fascinating. Then one morning in 2020, while browsing podcasts, she came upon her husband's friend's podcast interview and decided to listen. It was a simple conversation between two regular people. Unscripted and interesting, the story created a connection for Daniela, and she got inspired.

BEHAS was soon birthed (Because Everyone Has A Story), and Daniela has since grown her podcasts exponentially. BEHAS podcasts have connected people from around the world (Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and more), from all different cultures and experiences. Stories that connect, motivate, inspire and relate to your own. These are stories of courage, transformation, adventure, love, career changes and overcoming life's challenges. All shared through your naturally gifted, compassionate and curious host, Daniela Stockfleth-Menis. Her intent is to share, connect and relate stories from ordinary people's mouths to ordinary people's ears in a compassionate and entertaining way. The variety of subject matter between each episode is extensive, and she dives deep into each story.

Daniela's ultimate goal is to collect as many stories as possible, connecting people around the world (already 44 countries) so we can better understand ourselves. She believes in being relentless in her kindness and letting it show through in everything she produces. Tune in and listen to her podcasts – they're full of humour, depth, candidness and more. You might become a fan and love her just as much as the Kiwis. As Daniela explains, "I'm really popular in New Zealand!".