How do you balance motherhood and a thriving corporate career without losing your authenticity? Doris Jackson Shazier is a resilient mother of four from Orlando, Florida, who has shared her journey of raising children over nearly two decades. Starting motherhood at 19 as a first-generation college student, Doris opens up about societal expectations, internal conflicts, and the transformative experience of young motherhood. Her upcoming book, "Raising Justice," captures her incredible story of faith, grace, and perseverance.

Doris Jackson-Shazier is an author, speaker, ICF-accredited leadership coach, and people management consultant with over 20 years of experience in driving organizational growth and excellence.

Doris shares insights on juggling a demanding corporate career with motherhood. She rose in the corporate world, overseeing 10,000 employees across 96 locations while being a hands-on parent, creating efficient systems and leveraging daycare without relying on nannies. Eventually, she left corporate America to start a successful leadership coaching business, aligning her career with her values for a more balanced life.

This episode also delves into the emotional toll of maintaining authenticity in corporate America. Doris discusses the challenges of adapting her appearance and demeanour to meet professional expectations and the ensuing mental and emotional exhaustion. Her difficult COVID-19 experience prompted her to prioritize mental well-being and family. Doris's upcoming book, "Pieces to Peace," offers advice on overcoming fear and taking action, providing practical insights and inspiration for young professionals and aspiring leaders. This conversation is packed with wisdom, resilience, and actionable advice.

Let's enjoy her story!

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Welcome to Episode #140

Lea, a Swiss author and voiceover artist, shares her incredible journey from a childhood spent honing her piano skills to discovering new creative avenues in theatre and beyond. Hear how her rigorous training at the conservatory in San Francisco and the cultural leap from Switzerland to the United States shaped her artistic path. Guided by curiosity and encouragement, Lea's experiences in Paris and various artistic settings illuminate the serendipity of her career through the passages of friendship and the importance of embracing each opportunity that comes her way.

Lea Sakran is a cosmopolitan with Mediterranean, Eastern, and Western roots. She is a storyteller, author, copywriter, screenwriter, actress, and narrator known for her versatile and globally flavoured voice.

Lea doesn't just stop at her musical journey—she takes us into the multifaceted world of voiceover work, highlighting the significance of rhythm, voice care, and the broad spectrum of opportunities within the field. From working as a counsellor for visually impaired children to creating her own audiobooks like "Gusta and Gusto," Lea emphasizes the deep connection between storytelling and family. This episode explores the rich history of storytelling, its modern evolution, and the enduring value of the human voice amidst the rise of artificial intelligence. Discover how Lea's passion for connecting generations through stories continues to inspire and resonate in an ever-evolving industry.

Let's enjoy her story!

Lea services: Voiceover and narration for Audiobooks, commercials, Corporate documentaries, E-Learning, and Voice acting for different characters. 

In this episode, we explore the extraordinary journey of Victoria Pelletier, whose challenging childhood transformed her into a model of resilience and success. Adopted into a loving but financially struggling family, Victoria's determination and her adoptive mother's encouragement propelled her to academic excellence despite her facing social exclusion.

Victoria, an award-winning executive leader, bestselling author, and professional public speaker, has over 20 years of experience as a corporate executive. Known as the "Turn Around Queen" and the "CEO Whisperer," she inspires and empowers her team and clients to change mindsets and drive growth in business, leadership, and culture. She broke barriers by becoming one of the youngest Chief Operating Officers at age 24, president by 35, and CEO by 41.

Victoria shares valuable insights on success, leadership, and work-life balance in our conversation, particularly in high-stress environments like mergers and acquisitions. She highlights the importance of confidence, physical presence, and authenticity in leadership roles and discusses how mentors and opportunities have shaped her career. Victoria also addresses the reluctance of some leaders to nurture talent due to fear and insecurity and how embracing vulnerability can foster trust and strengthen team relationships.

We explore personal branding through her book Influence Unleashed - Forging a Lasting Legacy Through Personal Branding and her upcoming release, Whole Human Leadership. This new book aims to inspire a shift toward more compassionate, heart-centered leadership. Victoria's journey of writing during a career transition, her passion for public speaking, and her personal anecdotes offer invaluable lessons on managing a modern workforce with purpose and profit.

Enjoy her inspiring story. 

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Welcome to episode #138. My guest is D ArlandoFortune.

Fortune shares his compelling journey of internal conflicts that led him to lead a double life of public success and private struggles, as well as the humbling moments that led him to embrace his faith and higher purpose. From being a top student and baseball team captain to battling addiction and ultimately finding his purpose, he turned his setbacks into stepping stones and reshaped his outlook on life.

Fortune is a self-publishing strategist, bestselling author, and founder of No Doubt Nation. He created the SIGNATURE Book Formula and the

#OneBookAway Movement. Fortune also hosts the Wealthy Author Podcast, teaching entrepreneurs and speakers how to write, publish, and monetize their books.

He opens up about how the birth of his daughter acted as a pivotal moment in his recovery and discusses the strategies he's using to equip his children with the tools to make positive life choices, emphasizing the significance of individual personality traits and resilience.

Fortune also shares his spiritual transformation and journey from darkness to becoming an inspiring author. One of his many books is "Unlimited Potential: How to Stop Living with Fear, Doubt, and Uncertainty." His passion for education and community building has driven him to help others unlock their true potential. This episode focuses on the power of redemption, faith, and intentional living.

Let's enjoy his story!

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Wealthy Author Podcast 


Andrew Hall is the co-founder of NO STORY LOST, a business born out of a desire to preserve family legacies. He understands that these narratives are not just tales but the essence of our loved ones' lives. Andrew captures these stories because they are important to preserve before they are lost in time.

In this episode, Andrew candidly shares the triumphs and challenges of recording these histories, which future generations will undoubtedly cherish. He offers profound insights that reveal the spirit of those who have come before us. He underscores the bittersweet nature of this work.

Moving on to entrepreneurship, Andrew shares his journey from corporate life to founding a business based on personal values. His insights into the entrepreneurial spirit are as inspiring as the stories he helps preserve. He encourages listeners to contemplate the legacies they wish to craft in their personal lives and careers. Andrew's story is about capturing the past and shaping the future through the stories we leave behind.

Let's enjoy his story!

To connect with Andrew: NO STORY LOST

The voices that speak from personal experience resonate when grief shrouds us in its unpredictable fog. Alexandra Whyman brings one of those voices as she recounts the harrowing tale of her husband's suicide and the complex aftermath that followed. Her vulnerability in sharing this journey casts a light on the often-overlooked intricacies of mourning, self-blame, and the stigmatization she endured. Her story is not just one of loss but also a powerful narrative of the resilience of the human spirit and the solace found in community and openness.

Alexandra is a best-selling author of the book The Suicide Club: What to Do When Someone You Love Chooses Death. She wrote it after her husband succumbed to suicide in 2020. She is a public speaker specializing in resources to rebuild after major life events. Her goal is to help others find moments of joy again and appreciate what life still offers.

Alexandra and I traverse the winding paths of grief, acknowledging that while it's a shared experience, the terrain is deeply personal for each of us. We reflect on the varying shades of emotional pain, the need for compassion in our responses, and the challenges of supporting those, especially children, who are navigating their unique sorrows. Our exchange reinforces the importance of creating spaces where mental health and the reverberations of loss can be discussed candidly – a testament to the healing power of conversation and understanding.

In the transformative power of storytelling, Alexandra takes us through her evolution from authoring "The Suicide Party: What to Do When Someone You Love Chooses Death" to launching her website, Forward to Joy. By sharing her resources and fostering vital dialogues on loss, love, and the quest for joy, Alexandra exemplifies how turning pain into purpose can pave the way for others on their healing journeys.

Let's enjoy her story.

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Imagine your late grandmother appearing in a dream and urging you to learn a new language. For Regina from Bold Spirit Travel, this dream set her on an extraordinary path of personal transformation. Regina shares her immersive experience in Costa Rica, where she overcame language barriers and thrived in a non-English speaking environment.

Her journey took her from Costa Rica to Guatemala and finally to Barcelona, where she had to master both Castilian Spanish and Catalan. Moving to Barcelona marked a pivotal point in her life. It was there that she met her husband and advanced her career as a journalist and travel blogger. Regina also explores the challenges and beauty of being multilingual in a cosmopolitan city like Barcelona. She reflects on her ongoing efforts to learn Catalan and navigate a diverse linguistic landscape. Her passion for adventure led her to create all-women travel groups, fostering a sense of community and connection among travellers. Her story is about the courage to step out of one’s comfort zone and embrace solo travel, language learning, and community engagement.

Regina Winkle-Bryan founded Bold Spirit Travel, a company that connects women through adventure. She leads many Bold Spirit Travel trips along with a team of talented guides. Bold Spirit Travel persevered through the COVID-19 pandemic by transitioning to online travel experiences with global guides and chefs. Regina has visited over 35 countries and currently calls Washington state home.

This episode is packed with tales of bold moves, cultural adaptation, and the creation of lasting bonds through travel.

Let's enjoy her story.

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Welcome to Episode #130

Paul Trammell is a seasoned writer and artist who lives on his sailing boat in the peaceful waters of Bocas del Toro, Panama. His story is one of transformation, describing his journey from a life steeped in music and art to finding solace in sobriety and the vast horizons of the sea.

Throughout his story, Paul delves into the different layers of his life, sharing the vivid colours of his paintings, the rhythmic beats of his musical career, and the creative process behind his literary works

His books, such as "Alcoholics Not Anonymous: A Modern Way to Quit Drinking" and "Becoming a Sailor," explore minimalist living and discovering joy from being free from material wealth, highlighting the essence of true happiness and purpose.

As the conversation shifts to the craft of writing, Paul describes his disciplined approach to the art that has led to a diverse portfolio spanning genres from self-help to poetry. His journey celebrates the courage to redefine one's path and find fulfillment in the unexpected chapters of our own stories. 

Alise Saunders is a digital nomad/travel blogger, entrepreneur and life coach who has cast aside the anchors of traditional life for the freedom of the open road. Alongside her partner, Greg, and their two cat travellers, she shares their story of transformation from a Dallas apartment to the warmth of the Strawberry Festival in Humboldt to the unexpected generosity of strangers in Greece, a life of globetrotting adventure.

Alise's tale is a captivating mosaic of the highs and lows of full-time travel. Discover how they tackle everyday challenges, including pet nutrition on the go and the complexities of navigating foreign landscapes, all while collecting moments of human connection that surpass language and borders. Her meticulous planning goes into a lifestyle many only dream of. Alise's story isn't just about travel—it's an open invitation to reconsider what we hold dear and to envision a life where work and wanderlust coexist in a harmonious dance of endless exploration.

Let's enjoy her story!

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Join us on a botanical journey with Gary Lewis, M.Sc., a plant connoisseur whose rich history with horticulture has blossomed into a nursery boasting over 5,000 plant varieties. Gary's life is a colourful journey, from the hibiscus in his grandmother's garden to the exotic flora of distant lands, marked by a deep-seated passion and knowledge for plants.

Gary is the President of Phoenix Perennials and Specialty Plants Ltd. He has built the nursery into one of the best-known destinations for home gardeners and plant enthusiasts from all over the Lower Mainland in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He also wrote the encyclopedia "The Complete Book of Ground Covers" 4000 Plants That Reduce Maintenance, Control Erosion, and Beautify the Landscape.

This episode is a treasure for plant lovers. We trace Gary's roots from a young botanist to the creator of an indispensable guide on ground covers. His scientific background sheds light on the fascinating intersection of plant ecology and practical gardening, enlightening us on the value of diversity in the plant kingdom. 

As we traverse the lush pathways of Phoenix Perennials, Gary reflects on the recent gardening surge sparked by the global pandemic, reminding us how tending to our gardens can be a source of solace and community strength. His dedication to nurturing plants and the people who care for them resonates deeply. Tune in for a heartfelt conversation that celebrates the perennial joys of gardening and the shared growth we experience through our love for plants.

Welcome to Episode #1.

Today's guest is Dave Menis, my best friend and husband.

Dave was born in Antwerp, Belgium, grew up in Liverpool, England, lived in Texas, Israel, Germany, Switzerland, and settled with me here in Vancouver, Canada.

He speaks 5 languages. He’s witty, astute, and more artistic than he believes. He enjoys chatting about life’s meaning, the state of the world, and his beloved Liverpool Football Club.

Dave takes us back to 1991, where he recalls an action-packed Egyptian adventure from his youth. A wonderful trip takes a sudden terrifying turn that has the potential to become disastrous.


Welcome to Episode #2.

Today's guest is Tim.  

A great family friend. Tim came to Vancouver from Scotland in 2001.

Tim The Magnificent is a handsome, hard-working, intelligent and sensitive family man.  He exudes enthusiasm and is overflowing with dirty humour. He’s a fantastic cook and shares a passion for Liverpool Football Club with Dave, my husband and previous guest.

Today Tim reflects on the most challenging five years of his life when he traded a rewarding, well-paid career in Scotland to build a family life in Canada.


Welcome to Episode #3 

Today’s guest is Orrett Morgan.  

He is a splendid man. I met him and his wife, Janine at a gym back in 2009.  It immediately struck me how meticulously well put together they both were. It then didn’t take long for me to notice how they’re also knowledgeable, caring and kind. They demonstrate these qualities with every interaction.

Orrett is passionate about all things tech, a fighter for good manners, a generous helper of others, and a fine example of a family man.

In today’s story, Orrett takes us to Guyana.  He talks about his volunteer work supporting the Guyanese people in improving their technology. He donated his skills there for 6 months.   It taught him life lessons about privilege, and possessions, and left him with a love of Guinean culture.


Today's guest is May Tabet.  

I'm pleased to introduce you to my friend, May.  We met over a decade ago via our children who attended the same elementary school here in Richmond, British Columbia.

May is a dedicated mother to two wonderful sons Alex and Zayn, and a loving wife to her charming husband, Nabil. She really enjoys her work as a cataloguer for the City of Richmond's library. I admire her generosity, kindness, positive outlook and her many talents. 

May was born in Lebanon and spent twenty years living through war.  Today's episode focuses on who May calls her angels and her happy moments.  The people who contributed to her life, and helped shape the person that she is today.  It was her angels that supported her through hard times.  She takes this opportunity to tell us about them, and how much of a blessing they have been in her life. 


Today's guest is Janine Morgan. 

Janine is an enthusiastic friend, a cool mom, a dedicated school teacher, and also happens to be the wife of Orrett who you were introduced to in episode 3.  Along with their two lovely sons, they make for an exemplary outdoorsy family that are really into health and fitness.     

In this episode, we'll be hearing about one of Janine's adventures. 

British Columbia is well known for its spectacular beauty, particularly its mountains crisscrossed with gorgeous hiking trails.  Janine talks today about her attempt of The Lions Binkert Trail.  It’s a difficult hike even under normal conditions. This time it turned into a terrifying, gruelling ordeal.  Reflecting back on that day Janine reminds us of the importance of listening to our gut feelings and intuition, and the dangers of mother nature.


My guest is Jennifer L. Butler. 

Jennifer is a technical writer for the Canadian academic research community, an avid traveller, and a hip swing dance instructor.  In the past, she also worked as a teacher and a sound engineer.  She can now also list being a published author to her list of accomplishments.  Her book is titled “Boom & Bust, The resilient women of Historic Telegraph Cove.”  This BC bestseller covers the stories of the 25 pioneering women who settled in this remote BC community.

In this podcast, Jennifer talks about her decision to create this book, the difficult process of pulling it all together, and her personal connection to it.  


My Today's guest is Martin Butler. 

Martin says he can't save the world, but he can help those who can. Raised in England, he immigrated to Canada to look for greater possibilities. Armed with a background as a statistician and the clarity to put a couple of personal epiphanies into action, he latched onto a unique opportunity to fill a niche helping university researchers obtain government grants. 


My guest today is the lovely Keri Mayall.

In today's episode, we briefly touch on many points of her career, challenges and achievements. I find Keri very insightful; I hope you will too.   

Keri is the founder of Avid Earthling and has a unique passion for empathy & efficiency. She has been a people, project and productivity-focused leader in the technology industry over the last 15+ years. She helped mentor teams & deliver projects in top Fortune 500 companies such as Electronic Arts, Disney Online Studios & lululemon. Keri is also a single Mom, a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner, Career Journey +  Mind-Body Empowerment coach for women. Keri's mission at Avid Earthling is to elevate humanity with self-compassion & inner peace strategies to create expansive results in clarity, purpose, healing, career, prosperity & wellbeing - one ambitious earthling at a time. 


Connect with Keri Mayall

Instagram: @avidearthling

My guest today is Jonathan Wong.  

As an accomplished CPA, CA accountant, Jonathan had his life's path set until he found himself reevaluating his direction when he became a father. He decided to make some drastic changes to spend more time with his wife and son. Combining his creativity and artistic skills with his passion and knowledge of cars, Jonathan founded Custom Car Posters. 

Custom Car Posters started with a clear mission: creating the absolute best posters and prints for car enthusiasts. He provides customized art that car aficionados can proudly hang on their garage or office wall. 

Jonathan offers helpful tips for new entrepreneurs and unique family values perspective. 



IG: @shopcustomcarposters

My guest today is Kristie Yung.  

Kristie is a social impact marketing strategist. She runs her own business from her home in Ericeira, a small Portuguese surfing town. An avid traveller, she’s visited and lived in over 20 countries across 6 continents.

Kristie takes us on her journey of upending an excellent marketing career and stable life in Vancouver to completely changing directions and leaving it all behind to pursue a new dream of travelling around the world for a year while working remotely.

Almost two years later, she's thriving in her business, living in Europe with her finaceé, has a baby on the way and loving life.


​Here is the link to the video that made her famous in Pakistan:

Kristie Yung website:

My guest today is John Mills.

John has an impressive resume.  He was previously Assistant Deputy Minister for the Province of British Columbia and President of the Calgary Olympic Development Association (now WinSport Canada). More recently, he was Chief Operating Officer of the Richmond Olympic Oval. A Richmond iconic building designed for speed skating at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. John is also a board member for “Own The Podium” & Chair of the Board of Directors of  Canada Basketball. Between Calgary and Richmond, John has almost twenty years of high-level Olympic facility management experience. Now mostly retired, John is an industry consultant.

John takes us through his successful career in sports.  It all started when he became a teacher, and from there preparing, persisting, following his passions, eloquently communicating his vision, and seizing the right opportunities. 

Let’s Enjoy! 

My guest Dr. Leila Sahabi. ND

Dr. Sahabi is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) from Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine and undergraduate studies at the University of British Columbia with a double major in biology and psychology. She has her practice in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

This week, she joins me to share her health journey and listen better to her body. Through her own struggling experience, she tells us to trust our body as "we know our body the best way and form." 

Dr. Sahabi is staying current by attending several courses a year to learn the newest protocols in her field. She has a 4-level training program in Advanced Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) trained by Dr. Neal Rouzier, the leading expert and educator in BHRT. With her knowledge of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy, she has mostly focused on women's health. This why I went to see her back in 2014 and referred her to all my friends over the years. One thing I appreciate amongst many is that she doesn't rush the visits. She is patient and listens to my concerns. 

She's passionate about employing naturopathic therapies to treat the patient rather than the condition. I found it refreshing that she doesn't suggest many expensive assessment panels or numerous supplements unless there is a specific purpose.


Dr. Sahabi’s surgeon Dr. Camran Nezhat.

My guest  Gail Christel Behrend 

Gail is an engineer, teacher, writer, and speaker. She shares her story as midway through a successful 20-year engineering career, she experienced a spontaneous spiritual opening that changed her life, transforming her from skeptic to seeker.

Her spiritual journey eventually led her to explore human energy and alternative healing as a side-vocation. A graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH) in Florida, she has been an energy practitioner in Vancouver Canada for the last 20 years.

In addition to her corporate training development business, she also offers public workshops on energy and is a certified Infinite Possibilities trainer, based on the bestselling book “Infinite Possibilities – The Art of Living Your Dreams” by Mike Dooley – one of the teachers in the film “The Secret”. Gail recently published the second edition of her book “Energy Is Real.” A Practical Guide for Managing Personal Energy in Daily Life" which she co-authored with Claudette Bouchard, a fellow energy practitioner. Her passion is educating the public about our energy nature and empowering others with the skills to own their energy, so they can truly own their lives.


 Her book: “Energy is Real”.

Website: Check it out her website is unique and holding a high loving vibration. 

My Invitado  Gonzalo Peña

Gonzalo es un podcaster con un pasado muy ecléctico. Su experiencia cubre campos como Gestión de Negocios, Finanzas, Relaciones Internacionales, Artes, Gestión sin  Fines De Lucro, y Agencias Humanitarias. Gonzalo ha tenido el privilegio de trabajar con organizaciones prominentes como las Naciones Unidas, Standard and Poor's y la Cruz Roja Americana del Gran Nueva York. También presta servicio como Ministro en la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días. Hoy en día Gonzalo promueve el campo de innovación entre los latinoamericanos con su podcast "InnoLatino."

Gonzalo comparte su historia de cómo se integró al Coro de la Utha Opera  como barítono y el el objetivo por el cual creo su podcast "InnoLatino."   


InnoLation podcast

My guest is Galya Westler, a tech entrepreneur from Vancouver, BC.

Galya is the founder and CEO of Plazus Technologies inc, a software development company specializing in blockchain-type projects for enterprises.  She also founded GOHealthID, a blockchain-based solution in health to fight the COVID-19 pandemic while getting the economy going again.⁠

⁠Galya was a TEDx speaker in 2016. Today she continues to deliver inspirational talks around the world about blockchain for businesses such as finance, HR, social networks and the health industries.⁠

Hearing Galya gives her TEDx talk four years ago, I found myself relating to her. I had to meet her, so I reached out, and we became friends immediately.⁠

I am thrilled she agreed to be my guest for the show. Although her busy schedule, she found time to have a conversation and share a story with us. Galya is a hard-working, passionate person who's always determined to succeed, talking about learning to be a hustler and a master negotiator. She is real, full of fantastic advice, and shows us her vulnerable side as well.  She is succeeding with determination through hard work and perseverance. Galya inspires us to keep pushing no matter how hard it gets or how many people criticize; continue doing what you love, and everything will be okay.⁠


You can find her on the latest Technology Innovators Magazine cover here:


She can be reached on her Linkedin:

TEDx talk:

My guest Lynn O'Reilly.

Lynn took up adventure motorcycling in 2012 when she met her now-husband, Peter, who had been riding for a few years. He said that there were two things that he loved to do. Skiing in the winter and ride his motorcycle in the summer. So as she loves picking up new skills and having adventures, she took on the challenge of learning to ride. 

Lynn wasn't expecting how her new passion would help her connect with her husband, with nature and even with strangers.

Today Lynn shares her love for riding and a few short stories covering her trips and adventures.

Listening to her had me wondering if I would be brave enough to have similar adventures with Dave, my husband.

Follow them on Instagram @oladventures


Mi invitado Benjamin Suster.  

Benjamin mi “casi primo” Venezolano, oriundo de la capital Caracas, nacido con un afan enorme de conocer y empaparse de muchas culturas. Esta ambicion lo impulsó a formarse en el campo de hotelería y servicios de la hospitalidad en la hermosa ciudad de Mérida,Venezuela.  Al culminar sus estudios  decidio trabajar en 5 islas del caribe de influencia holandesa e inglesa. La flecha de cupido lo alcanzó en la isla de Tobago. Ahi conoció a su ahora esposa Regina. Para su matrimonio decidieron casarse en un castillo en Escocia  y despues hacer de Londres, Reino Unido su nuevo hogar.

Con la llegada de su hijo y la adopción de su nueva ciudadanía Británica, Benjamin sintió una gran anhelo de extender su identidad arropando a la del país que ahora le da cobijo.

Hoy comparte con nosotros su trozo de su historia. Como un día sentado en el metro de Londres de camino al trabajo, cansado de leer malas noticias en los periódicos gratuitos que allí distribuyen, decidió crear Nuestro Insólito UK, una ventana en Instagram que ayuda a entender la cultura, tradiciones e idiosincrasia del Reino Unido a través de su historia, enseñando de manera positiva y jocosa, todo aquello que uno da por sentado cuando vives alli y que sin pensar ha influenciado a casi el mundo entero.

Te invito a conocer su historia y seguirlo en su cuenta @nuestroinsolitouk


My guest  Ann Marie McKenzie

Ann Marie is both a Master Desire Map Facilitator and a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. She uses these skills to support her work as a Soulful Business Strategist and Transformation Guide.  She uses the mantra, "I AM KIND OF A BIG DEAL", to help her stand in her power during difficult times and to remind her to keep sharing her light.  Ann Marie counsels her clients in self-leadership through the heart and emotional intelligence, guiding them to create a handcrafted life and business that intentionally feels good.  She works with people who are ready to be open about living soulfully. She offers curated intimate programs for entrepreneurs, corporations, businesses, and women’s circles, providing feelings-based experiences that encourage people to get real, get creative, get messy - and get clear.

 Today Ann Marie shares some of her life’s rough moments.  At one point, she felt extremely down and had no idea why.  She now knows that she had PMDD Premenstrual dysphoric disorder, a condition more severe than PMS.   Ann Marie shares how she got out of the funk with help from Danielle LaPorte’s words; “What you say no to is just as important as what you say yes to.” Choosing how we want to feel and making choices to feel that way. That was the beginning of her journey with The Desire Map from Danielle LaPorte.  

 She shares how she repaired the dysfunctional relationship she had with her mother, only to feel robbed as not long after, she lost her mother to cancer.  Ann Marie talks about the tools she used to build resiliency and foster healing during such a challenging time.

 This is an episode full of Ann Marie’s insights. 


Ann Marie’s beautiful website:  

Follow her on Instagram

My guest Susan Nassiripour

Susan is a native of Vancouver. She discovered her passion for travel while in her twenties, which eventually led to her move to China. Her original plan was to live and work in China for a couple of years while travelling Asia before moving back to Canada to settle down. Susan doesn't open up about her childhood often but decided to share a little with us today because her life was not her own until she escaped her violent father. Once Susan had her freedom and the ability to design her own life and realized how happy her lifestyle in China made her (being a teacher while travelling several times a year), she decided not to give in to social pressures and continue living the life she chooses. Susan has now lived in China for over 13 years and has been to 94 countries.


My guests  Kai Hutchful, Maddie Knight, Samuel Menis, Matthew Tugonon, Jade Iwata.

For this episode, I'm excited to try something different. I got this idea back in the fall of 2020 when one of today's guests, Jade Iwata, visited us from Calgary and agreed to test my new recording equipment by being interviewed. I asked her a few questions about life and was touched by her brilliant answers.   So I invited 4 other 20-year-olds to document their outlook on life. They all answered the same six questions. 

Today, I present these 5 young people by asking one question at a time and presenting each of their answers before moving onto the next question.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating this episode. It took me a while to put it together as I had the concept but struggled with the technicalities. 

I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to connect to these bright young adults. I was touched by their willingness to be interviewed, their candour, authenticity and vulnerability. I plan to invite them back 5 years from now to see how their perspective may have changed. 

We're led to believe that wisdom comes with age. After speaking to my guests, I think it's clear that they have plenty of wisdom already. Maybe wisdom improves with age. These young men and women show vision and a passion for grabbing life by the horns.

Thank you so much to Jade, Maddie, Kai, Matthew and Samuel for spending your time to share with me. 


My guest John Atkin

John is a civic historian, heritage consultant and walking tour guide who brings an insight into urban planning, a love of architecture and the fascination of the curious to his work. As well as a civic historian, John is a graphic designer, occasional author and bookbinder. He grew up in Victoria, BC and has been a Vancouverite for almost 40 years. 

He shares his story, his passionate curiosity for details, for learning, and for life itself.  We'll hear about his influencers and how the concept of his walking tours started.  As he says: “There is always something new to look at and always different ways of looking at things”.

Let's listen to John take us on an auditory tour of how it all started for him.



Just google John Atkin Vancouver you will find interesting information. 

My guest Myrna F. Halpenny

Myrna was born and raised in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

She earned her Doctorate in Dental Surgery from McGill University in Montreal.  After two years as an associate in a general dental office, she elected to specialize in endodontics in Portland, Oregon. She then returned to Vancouver, where she started her specialty practise in endodontics.

Myrna is a founding member of the BC Women’s Dental Society and the first female President of the College of Dental Surgeons of BC. She retired from active practice in 2015 and is currently teaching at UBC and mentoring young dentists.  

Today, Myrna takes us through her successful 40 years of a professional career in dentistry, her influencers, and her childhood memories in Kindersley. 

We will hear how this kind, confident, strong, talented, and humble woman works hard with passion and care for her patients and students.  

And I wish Myrna a Happy 75th Birthday which is coming up on April 17th.


NOTE: If you enjoy what you heard or you have a story you like to share and preserve email me at 

Mi invitada Alicia Markowitz

Alicia fue mi compañera de primaria en el Colegio Humboldt de Caracas, Venezuela. 

Nos reconectamos hace unos años y la seguí en su Blog. Seguimos en contacto y en la primavera del 2020 le comenté mi plan de empezar un Podcast. No se imaginan el entusiasmo con que recibió mi loca idea ese día. De ahí se convirtió en mi "cheerleader."  Ja! Porque el mundo necesita gente llena de buena energia.   

Comenzó su carrera como pianista continuando como Musicoterapeuta. Enseñó piano durante décadas. Blogger de "I'm On My Side.” Desde hace un tiempo se ha dedicado a descubrir su espíritu creativo. Su primer libro está en camino y practica el arte de la pintura, lo que ella  llama “My Healing Art”.  Alicia está en un aprendizaje constante.  Ama la naturaleza en todas sus formas. Su misión es Ayudar a otros que han pasado por traumas y abusos a hacer un mundo mejor.

En este Episodio Alicia comparte la transformación de su vida, "de la oscuridad a la luz." Una historia llena de grandes dificultades, trauma y abuso, hasta descubrir que el poder estaba dentro de ella y así transformarla en crecimiento, evolución y resiliencia comenzando una nueva historia con una familia hermosa.




My guest Allan " Alonzo" Wind

The last episode of Season Two! Thank you for your support.

Allan is a retired Senior Foreign Service Officer from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).  He worked on diplomatic assignments in Peru, Nicaragua, Angola, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Africa and the Southern Africa Regional Missions. He provided oversight to U.S. government foreign aid development and humanitarian assistance and supported U.S. Ambassadors as their senior development officer on multiple country teams. He also worked for NGOs elsewhere in Latin America and as the Global Programme Coordinator for the International Save the Children Alliance Secretariat in London, UK.

In this episode, Allan talks about his first book, ANDEAN ADVENTURES: An Unexpected Search for Meaning, Purpose and Discovery Across Three Countries.  It covers his personal development as a young man who uprooted himself from his American comfort to become a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador and then later service in Bolivia and Peru.  This decision to leave the USA shaped who he became personally and professionally.  Allan shares his belief in the value of volunteering and the immense personal rewards that can be gained.  He also goes into how he’s bridged the gap between his Jewish upbringing and his later embracing of the Baha’i faith.

I hope that after listening to his episode, you decide to grab a copy of his best-selling book Andean Adventures. It is also now an audiobook:  

It’s an Insightful and entertaining book, a window into the life and work of a foreign service officer, his life stories and for anyone contemplating volunteering or careers in foreign service.  

Allan and his wife currently reside in Fairfax County, Virginia, in the United States, while their adult daughter is in Africa on her own adventures. Mr. Wind serves on the Boards of Directors of different nongovernmental organizations, including Hunger Relief International,  supporting their efforts with the neediest in Guatemala and Haiti in any way he can.  


Website, Blogs & Newsletter: Enable & Ennoble

My guest is Brenda St Louis

Brenda is an inspirational speaker, a Financial Therapist, a Money coach, an activator and the Founder of REWIRE.

Her multi-faceted career as a massage therapist, voice actor, motivational speaker and published author has afforded her a very unique perspective. She has been featured on numerous podcasts, radio and television.

In this episode, she shares the story of finding her life’s purpose. Gifted with a powerful intuition and a social justice lens, she uses money to positively impact the world. She is engaging and delightful to listen to. 


Certified Money Coach- CMC  Vancouver BC

The Money Archetype Quiz - Try it is insightful.  

Because it is Episode #25, and Brenda is surprising us all with a gift.  A wonderful Hypnotherapy track. Check it out here:

My guest is Rodrigo Velma

Along with his wife, Nana Matsumoto, Rodrigo, a proud  Chilango (Mexico City native) are the owners of Maizal restaurant in East Vancouver, Canada.  Rodrigo  talks us through the path he took to become a restaurateur in  Vancouver, and the passion he required to get there. 

I considered recording this episode in Spanish, but I don't want to do a disservice to my fellow Vancouverites.  If you haven't eaten there yet, maybe after hearing Rodrigo's story, you will.   I'd hate for you to miss out. 



My guest is Christa Funk 

Christa is a wife, mother, registered yoga instructor, and senior yoga master trainer.  She is currently advancing her studies to become a Yoga Therapist.

Christa talks today about her epiphany, how she realized that everything is already perfect.  Yes, everything.  Every moment, and every one of us.  She explains how she grew via the contributions of so many words of wisdom from people around her. 

Her life journey includes her challenges, struggles, and doubts.  All these excellent feelings built her up to be the amazing, ever-flourishing woman she is now.

Enjoy the episode!

My guest is Walter Wu.

Walter Wu is a Canadian Paralympic swimmer who set records at the 1996, 2000, and 2004 Summer Paralympics. He won 14 medals before his retirement following the 2004 Athens Games.

Although he’s humble, Walter does have bragging rights beyond his medals.  They include being a torchbearer, a member of the  Terry Fox Hall of Fame,  and a BC Disabled Athlete of the Year.  Since retirement from sporting competition, he’s spent time as a public speaker for local schools.

I was delighted to have Walter share his swimming story on the show.  I found the amount of help an athlete needs to reach that level very interesting.  He leaves nothing hidden, Walter’s story is filled with the good, the bad,  and the ugly.


My guest is John Davis.

John Davis, Stuntman, Fight Director, Speaker, Comedian, Podcaster, and Corporate Action Hero.

At 22 John had an awful accident while helping a friend move some heavy boxes.  It wasn’t just bone that shattered, but his dream of becoming a stuntman.   Despite the odds, he didn’t give up.  His curiosity, tenacity, passion and creativity set his life back on track.  Today John talks about his inner power and what he calls the Five Fs Formula.  A method to help any of us be able to achieve what we dream of.  

Let's listen to the incredibly gregarious and kind John Davis, and find out what a Corporate 

Action Hero even is.


To connect with John:

The Link for his 5F workbook

His Courses:

My guest Mercedes Sanchez Garcia.

Born and raised in Spain, Mercedes subsequently lived in multiple countries where she picked up languages and other skills that led to her passions and careers.  She is both an interior designer, and a multi-disciplined fitness instructor. 

Today Mercedes takes us on her life’s journey.  She’s always had a zest for a beautiful, active lifestyle. She also loves to cook and dance.  She enjoys sharing her gifts with others and believes it’s important for us to accept ourselves and never give up on finding happiness in the paths that suit us.  

Mercedes lives in Vancouver Canada with her French husband, her 2 teenagers, and Miela, her dog.   All of them are multilingual, yes, the dog too.




My guest is Victoria Wieck.

Victoria is a world-renowned jewelry designer, author, podcaster, mother, wife, and a new grandmother. 

She grew up in South Korea. In the 70 her father, seeking greater opportunities moved his family to the United States.  Victoria shares the challenges faced moving to Los Angeles, new city, new culture and new languages. She talks about how she worked hard to obtain dream after dream. Her dedication and wise decisions led to successes, great pay, and more responsibilities.  Eventually, she built her own business to enable her to prioritize her biggest value, family time.


Check out Victoria's website. The information there is fantastic. Her jewelry is stunning.

Victoria’s Website: 

Listen to her Podcats she has fabulous guests. Her Podcast "Million Dollar Hobbie$:" 

My guest is Dorsey Ross.

Dorsey is a youth minister, speaker, author and podcaster. In today’s episode, Dorsey shares his story of love, persistence and overcoming challenges.  He was born in the late 70s with a congenital disability known as Apert's Syndrome.  When he was born, the doctors gave Dorsey's parents no hope for survival and advised them to put him into an institution.  However, his parents believed that God would do great things in Dorsey's life.  He grew up with his parents and the help of their church’s community support.  Growing up was very difficult.  He had to overcome years of harmful comments directed at him and 68 operations.  His high school teachers told Dorsey that he would not make it to college.  But despite all the odds being against him after years of hard work and perseverance, he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Youth Ministry. 

He currently lives in Philadelphia with his 90-year-old father. Dorsey’s thick skin has made him strong, tenacious and given him his persevering character.


To learn more from Dorsey:


Podcats: Dorsey Ross Show


My guest is Jenny Toh.

Until recently, Jenny Toh was a Malaysian and Singaporean lawyer. On the personal front, she felt complete.  A supportive husband, three wonderful children, close-knit friends, and her church community.  However, she felt that she was not living her life to its fullest potential. She was looking for a new purpose in her career. 

Jenny shares her story of transitioning careers,  her doubts and her leap of faith. It all began with an idea and then with a strong desire that wasn't going away. We discussed her challenges as a perfectionist, her impostor syndrome, and how her lawyering skills complement her as a fantastic coach to support others in their journeys of searching for purpose.



How to Connect with Jenny:




My guest is Anne Round

Anne Round is a retired physiotherapist, a wife, a mother, a sailor, and an au­thor.  She lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Anne shares her journey to become a better human being with us via spiritual growth.  She explains how it allowed her to appreciate and love herself more, evolving from controlling and lim­it­ing be­liefs to know­ing herself as love.  Now she flows with and trusts in life. It gave her inspiration to write her book "Essences of Truth Inspirations for Loving Life.”  Listen in to hear of her struggles with the book and Anne's steps to finally publish it.

"We are Love, Joy, Freedom and Peace."


About the book:

Essences of Truth is a collection of 29 essays that can open us to new ways of thinking about life. Anne has embraced these philosophies over her lifetime, like sipping nectar from a flower to enhance her journey. The essence is to love everything just as it is and live life wholeheartedly from a contemplative perspective. We are inspired to love ourselves more and more regardless of what is appearing in our lives. A life that allows love to guide the way, peace to descend within, and joy to erupt into the world is a blessing for all of us.

How to Connect with Anne:


My guest Mike Acker

Mike is a former pastor, an executive coach, a keynote speaker, and the author of four books, including the bestselling Speak with No Fear.

Mike shares how his life was shaped via good, bad, and ugly circumstances.  We can’t start Mike’s story without first talking about his parents.  Listen in to hear how he learned things

from his family that he was unaware of, and how he adjusted to conquer life with confidence.  

He lives with his wife and son in Alabama.

Enjoy a few nuggets of his wisdom.  

Connect with Mike Acker and get his books:

YouTube Video:

My guest Jennifer M. Alemany

Formally in corporate human resources, Jennifer is now an author, a spiritualist and has been a Yogi for 12 years. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Jennifer has a spicy mix of Latin American backgrounds (Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Cuba).

She shares her struggles as a young girl from a single mom living in Brooklyn.  Jennifer was the first to graduate from college in her family. After college, she became a live-in nanny until she could figure out what was next. With the support of her mom’s wisdom, she then embarked on a 22-year human resources career in the academic and corporate worlds. After losing two of her loves, her mother and then her fiancé, she realized that she had also lost herself.  Jennifer then started to write; it was a talent her elementary teachers had pointed out back then.  Sitting by the pool, surrounded by nature, her first book Mark, My Love, came to life.  It’s an honest, inspiring memoir,  a journey of loss and anguish, but with another side within reach over the horizon.

Jennifer currently lives in New York, with her dog Leo Luna.

Let’s enjoy her story.

Connect with Jennifer Alemany and get her book


My guest Claudia Gutierrez

Claudia specializes in positive psychology through meditation and Reiki training, and as a Theta Healer Instructor. She lives in Cancun, Mexico.

She shares her story of transformation and her passion for human development. It all started with not feeling well, a doctor removing her thyroid, and the appearance of traumas and depression.  Claudia talks about her drive to find an explanation for it all, her search for answers and solutions.  She created a technique to help herself, and now assists others in healing wounds, being at peace with themselves, and finding their path of transformation.

Enjoy her story

To connect with Claudia:


My guest is Francis Piche.  

Francis is a keynote speaker, a coach, and the founder and CEO of Resilience Element. He is on a mission to share his revelation regarding resilience with the world. His story today is about his quest to follow his heart.  Francis shares his choices, struggles, the lessons he learned, their costs, and where he is now.  His passion now is to help reawaken people's inner power and raise their successes to support life and business results.


Connect with Francis:

Welcome to Episode #39

My guests Harry Derbitsky & Joe Fletcher

Harry Derbitsky is the President of ACT (Advanced Coaches Training), a coach and an author. He specializes in mental health and addiction as well as other related topics. His understanding comes from his teacher, Sydney Bank, who first articulated the Three Universal Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought.  

Joe Fletcher is one of the six (6) Mental Health Transformations group members and their communication manager. Each member has made a transformational shift from their mental distress and addiction to having a new life of wellbeing.  They are now looking to spread their combined experiences.

Harry and Joe share how the Mental Health Transformations group was formed, and they explain the unique perspective for people suffering from mental health and struggling through recovery. Through their experiences, the group knows that it is possible to heal and experience the freedom of a healthy mental state, away from addiction and severe mental distress, by applying three Universal Principles:  Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

Let's enjoy their stories. 

Connect with Harry and Joe:  


Harry Derbitsky (www.acttraining.bizBooks: Evolution of Addiction Recovery and Evolution of Addiction Recovery Re-opened. Email Joe:

My guest Joe Sherman, MD

Joe is a pediatrician, a coach, and a consultant. He started his journey as a pediatrician helping communities in Uganda and Bolivia. Despite his successes and adventures after his return to the US, Joe experienced profound burnout. He found it necessary to leave medicine temporarily to reflect on why he became a physician in the first place and whether he should return. Joe wrestled with his identity being defined by his profession rather than who he was deeper down.  That journey took him where he is now, a  coach and a consultant. Joe helps healthcare professionals find relief from burnout, rediscover the joy and fulfillment of practicing medicine, and achieve career longevity.

Let's enjoy his story.

Connect with Joe:

My guest Sam Thiara

Sam is an educator from Simon Fraser University here in Vancouver, Canada.  He's a storyteller with two TedX presentations and an author of a few books, one of them being his incredible narrative, Lost and Found: Seeking the Past and Finding Myself.

Sam is sharing his quest to search for his identity on his journey to India to find his ancestral roots armed with little else than a faded photograph and determination. As he begins to piece together the puzzle of his history, Sam realizes he is piecing himself together, too.

Let's join him as he takes us on his journey.  

"Everyone's life is an autobiography, make yours worth reading." - Sam

"Discovering the Extraordinary in the Ordinary" Connect with Sam:

His book:

My guest  Chloe Doesburg

Chloe Doesburg is the co-founder and CEO of Driftscape, a mobile app company whose mission is to make local culture easier to discover. After co-founding the music mapping project Track Toronto, she learned of the enormous appetite and enthusiasm for location-specific media. She also learned of numerous initiatives creating rich, high-quality content related to their communities from unique perspectives. Chloe is here to share how she co-founded Driftscape to match fantastic and underutilized content in a user-friendly mobile app. The app helps users quickly find hidden gems nearby.

Let's hear how it all started. Enjoy!

Learn more, and download the Driftscape App -

My guest Katherine Wehler.

Katherine Wehler is a Quantum Conscious Business and Soul Coach who assists in exploring, rediscovering, and empowering the soul’s highest self and true potential. She is also a Professional Astrologer with over 20 years of experience, A Human Design Reader, Original Akashic Record Keeper of the 23rd Dimension, and Host of The Soul (Re)Discovery Podcast.

Through her soul (re)discovery process, Katherine used metaphysical modalities to connect to her soul-self and, through this, unlocked a life of joy, love, freedom, and abundance. 

Katherine takes us through her journey. A story she likes to share for self-healing and to enlighten others. She explains what she does and how it all started.  And at the end, well, you have to listen until the end because she shares another talent. 


Katherine runs a Business Mastermind for New Paradigm Leaders. Learn more here 

To learn more about Katherine, please check out her website here

Podcast, Soul (Re)Discovery on Apple or Spotify 

My guest Gramps Jeffrey

Gramps Jeffrey is the author of a few books, including the acclaimed business book "The Secrets of Retailing, or: How to Beat Walmart" and his most recent book "I Don't Want  To Turn 3." He is also a contributor to The Huffington Post with over 100 published articles on how to help the nonprofit world.

Gramps Jeffrey has 4 kids and 6 grandchildren. He looks at how the kids are growing up through his baby-boomer eyes and tries to understand how the world has evolved since he was 3 years old.  Gramps Jeffrey shares how he became a writer and the importance of the village on our kid's and grandkids' development and growth. Our conversation will be ordinary magic that most families would relate to. Jeffrey loves to read to his grandkids. It inspired him to write and publish his own children's book - "I Don't  Want To Turn 3." The stars of this book are his 6 grandchildren Olivia, Jordan, Baker, Levi, Jackson and Grace. He lives in Arizona with his lovely wife.  

This story fills my heart with joy, which is perfect for the holidays season.

Let's enjoy his story!  

 Gramps Jeffrey

"I Don't Want To Turn 3"

Firebird Book Award Winner

My guest Andrew Campbell

Andrew is a musician, photographer, and videographer. He was born in Malaysia, lived in the UK, Canada, and Japan. His work has received awards in North America and Japan from Nikon, Frommer's Travel Guide, and Canadian Geographic Magazine. Architecture and portraiture are his primary interests; however, he enjoys the challenges that other genres of photography demand. He is here to share his artistic life journey.

His traits include flexibility and adaptability, and you'll hear how they've served him well.   Ultimately he is a happy man because he has always followed his passions.

Let's enjoy his Story.     

 To connect with Andrew:




My guest Ryan Harbuck  

Ryan Harbuck is a teacher, swim coach, and author. Her first book, her memoirs called “When I grow up  I want TO BE A CHAIR,” just came out this month. Check it out!

Ryan’s teenage years were challenging, including a paralyzing car accident and an alcoholic mother. She had to grow up quickly. She became a teacher and swim coach. She has been story-telling her whole life and has stitched all the stories together to produce her new book.   Here, Ryan shares her life story, covering many exciting topics. Her accident, her life with a disability, family communication, pregnancy for someone paralyzed from the waist down, writing, and competing for the Paralympics. She teaches that anything is possible and that vulnerability is so critical. I think you will relate and connect with Ryan’s story.

Ryan, her husband Andrew, and their two young boys live in Denver, Colorado. 

To connect with Ryan


My guest Chancellor K. Jackson 

Chancellor is an American football player, teacher and author. Chancellor wrote "14 Days in Beijing" following the traumatic experience of being arrested and detained there. He followed that up with "You Love, and You Learn," a romantic drama about his journey to gain emotional intelligence. We touch on his life story in this episode. His life story so far is interesting, engaging and pretty cool. I enjoyed listening to his unique and open view of the world through his experiences. Chancellor lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  

Follow Chancellor on Instagram & Twitter: @korlehj

To connect with Chancellor:

My guest William "Bill" Cohen

Bill is a caregiving support consultant, a very interesting job. We tend to always talk about the patient, but tend to neglect to talk about the roles of caregivers.  Who, just like patients, could feel alone and exhausted.  Bill guides caregivers along on their caregiving journeys.  He assists them in reducing the overwhelming stress that can come along with the job.

His creative and loving mother, Sheila, lost her home in Hurricane Katrina.  Then, her health, artistic skills, and life were ravaged by Alzheimer's.  Bill was her primary care partner for 10 years.  

Today he shares how he turned his pain and personal loss due to his mother’s Alzheimer’s into passion and an “encore career”.   We talk about managing care and practicing self-care and prevention. We talk about dementia, Alzheimer’s, their symptoms and treatments.  And also things not to do for a person living with dementia.

Let’s enjoy his story!




My guest Joi Fisher-Griffin 

Author and entrepreneur Joi R. Fisher-Griffin is an experienced educator, a passionate adoption advocate and a patron of the arts. After going through her own struggles as an adoptee, Joi wrote her memoir, Finding Joi: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Love. She shared her story so that she could help others who sit in silence about their struggles, and she continues to find ways to be open about adoption, with adults and young people. She is the author of two best-selling children’s adoption books Choosing Joi: An Adoptee’s Journey and Finding Belonging and Singing with Joi: There Are Lots of Different Ways to be a Family. 

She believes adoptees, prospective adoptive parents, and adoptive and foster families can find resources and their community of support if WE all Stop Whispering and Let’s Talk Adoption. She is now serving as a Board of Directors with Miriam’s Heart. Joi believes Finding Joy is Possible! 

Let’s enjoy her story.

To connect with Joi:

For all resources

IG @findingjoirenee

Information for adoptive and foster families, prospective adoptive and foster parents, and anyone interested in serving.

My guest Marie Alessi

Marie Alessi is a mother to two boys, a bestselling author and speaker. After her husband passed from a brain aneurysm, she found and created her way back to Joy. She instinctively knew it was her only option when considering their young boys. Marie is a shining example of choosing love over fear and sadness. She has created a movement that approaches grief and loss differently than what society traditionally offers us. A movement interrupts the stigma of grief and spreads healing and hope into the world. This is now her purpose. She supports others in the journey of grief, because we will all experience it eventually. Life is there to be lived, to be happy. This is her story.

Let enjoy!

Connect with Marie:

Linked In

My guest Shlomo Freund

Shlomo is a location-independent entrepreneur, author and public speaker. He loves travelling and has been fascinated by investments and finances since early. His primary residence is in Israel, but he usually takes workcations. Yes, that’s right, it’s a thing, he takes workcations.  He picks a city, moves there with his family for a few months to work and enjoy the life of a local. 

One of his businesses now is called “Free Financial Self.”  He helps people organize their money to reach financial independence faster. Today Shlomo is sharing his story on how he combined finance and travel. If you are a remote worker or a digital nomad, his story could be of interest to you. 

Lets' enjoy!

To connect with Shlomo:


My guest Carline Crevecoeur

Carline is a Haitian American obstetrician, gynecologist, and now also an author. She immigrated to the US at the age of 5 and was raised in Brooklyn, New York, where she went into the medical field. After  20 years of medical service in New York and Pennsylvania, she gave up her career to raise and homeschool her five children. Carline was diagnosed with colon cancer and given 36 months to live. Eight years later, she's still very much alive. Following that battle, and now that her children are adults, she decided to write her memoir titled, Pressure Makes Diamonds: a journey from Homeschooling to the Ivy League - A Parenting Story. She is not only an author now but also the first black woman elected to a seat on the State College Area School District of Pennsylvania. 

Carline is here to share why she wrote her memoirs and teach us some lessons along the way. I think you're going to like this awe-inspiring, resilient person.

Let's enjoy her story. 

To connect with Carline:


My guest is Tonia Cordi

Tonia Cordi is the owner of Time & Space Solutions. She helps people de-clutter and redesigns their lives, so they can slow down, reconnect to their values, and live out their days with purpose. This involves examining inner behavioural patterns that create the clutter and then learning how to organize life better. Tonia looks at deeper patterns and how they show up in their host's external world. Your space and how you spend your time mirror what's going on inside you.

I am delighted to have a fellow organizer on the show. Organized people are fantastic. Tonia is here to share how it started for her and how she helps others with her five-step process based on her experience with her clients. Her process encompasses intentions and values — everything from personal growth and sustainability to organizing and creating systems. She started her career as a teacher and, after 12 years, decided to follow her passion for helping people create spaces that match their ideal lives. Soon after starting this, she realized that while an organized space can be transformative, it was only the first step in making space grow and evolve. So Tonia applied her background in education, the arts, psychology, and some trial and error to create an integrated process for individuals to meet their intentions, goals, and values. 

Let's enjoy her story.

Check out her website for your Clarity Call!

To connect with Tonia: 



My guest is Eric Spitz

Eric is a production planner, marathon runner, and podcaster.

He’s here to explain how he combines his passions of running and travelling by running a marathon in each of the United States’ 50 states before he turns 40. He also plans to have a book written by then. 

He is a member of the 50 States Marathon Club, and he’s already knocked 16 states off his list. Eric’s been writing about his experiences in each state on his Juxtaposed Journeys blog. Juxtaposed Journeys is also the name of his podcast, where he interviews other individuals who are following their life passions. This is an interesting story that offers new knowledge to the listener. Whether you’re a runner, thinking about starting to run, or are quite happy never having to run, ever, it makes no difference. 

It was so much fun having Eric on the show.

Let’s enjoy his story.

To connect with Eric and maybe share your success story:






My guest, Adelaide Campbell

Adelaide is a former actuary from Boston now living in Miami. Adelaide and her husband decided to move to Miami in the middle of the pandemic. Once they had settled, she was itching for change and feeling adventurous. So Adelaide resolved to take a big risk by quitting a stable, well-paid job and launching Kachaça Spirits, her brand of Brazil’s favourite spirit, cachaça.  

This is her story and the story of how Kachaça Spirits was born. Adelaide offers nuggets of knowledge for anyone thinking of leaping their passion. She shares her challenges and her successes. All that cachaça talk made me dream of summer and having people over for caipirinhas, Brazil's national cocktail. This interview might tempt you to get a bottle if you are in the US.  For the rest of us, we’ll need to wait a bit longer as she isn’t exporting yet.

Let’s enjoy her story.  

Adelaide Kachaça Spirits:


Welcome to episode #56

My guest, Nicole Dauz

Nicole is a self-care advocate, caregiver coach, author and speaker who chooses happiness despite her circumstances.

Experience is her teacher as the mother of a neurotypical son and a daughter with a rare genetic disease and autism. She approaches self-care in a liberating fashion that gives us all permission to take time for ourselves.

She’s the founder of Selfcare4Caregivers and honours the role of the caregiver by helping them recognize their worth and their true gifts. She provides them with the tools and strategies needed to shift them from feeling stressed and overwhelmed to regaining control of their lives and feeling gratitude and joy. Her mission is to change the story around caregiving and celebrate the journey.

Let’s enjoy her story. 

Nicole blogs regularly at

She published her first book, Self-care: From the Trenches…with Love, Humour & a Kick in the Pants, in November 2021.


Welcome to episode #57

My guest Tim Heale

Tim is a former British Army Officer. He started as an infantry soldier and worked his way to become a PSYOPS Operator. Tim has vast experience and was sent on seven different operational deployments.  

He is a rugby fanatic and used to play scrum half, then also played American football for Milton Keynes Pioneers. He is an accomplished skier that competed several times at the British Telemark Championships. Tim is also a hang gliding instructor and an experienced sailor who has spent considerable time sailing around the British Isles with his wife and Artie, the ship's cat. And that's not all. He additionally has a podcast, "The Tim Heale" - Ordinary Peoples' Extraordinary Lives. The idea behind his podcast is a little like mine. To leave a legacy for future generations to know what life was like in our times. 

As you can imagine, Tim has many stories to share. Today he talks about his last eight years in the Army as a Unit Welfare Officer for London Central Garrison. How his role functioned, and who he was helping.   

Let's enjoy Tim's story. 

To connect with Tim:

Tim & Daniela’s episode: TBD

My guest Ann Hince


Ann is an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) expert, the author of A Pathway to Insight, and much more. In her book, she details her journey and breaks down the steps she took to attain what she calls Insight, or the ability to see within the body. Ann has developed the ability to sense inside her body and release physical tension stored in her connective tissue using the focus of her mind solely.

Ann wants us all to know that we have this incredible power; it means going further with practices that you are probably already doing. The key is practice. 

Ann believes changing what is on our inside will change what we see on the outside so that we can change our personal and collective worlds.

 I am fascinated by Ann's story, and I admire her immensely. Ann has a YouTube channel; see the link below. She is here to share her method in great detail. To me, the most critical aspect is her character. Her desire for growth, perseverance, and discipline. Her desire to change her life and even bone structure. We all want to change or improve, but very few are willing to put the effort toward greatness. Ann never doubted. She wanted a happier life, and she did the work. 

Let's enjoy her story.  




Her book: A Pathway to Insight 


My guest Andrew Hallam

Andrew is a personal finance journalist, speaker, and author of three books, Millionaire Teacher, Millionaire Expat, and Balance. His books are about how to invest and spend for happiness, health, and wealth. Andrew’s love of travel started when, at age 12, his parents encouraged him to take an educational trip to the Mediterranean. His early respect for money started not much later, probably because his parents expected him to pay for his college education.One day, sitting on a friend’s patio after finishing a bike race, he realized that travelling, swimming in tropical waters, riding his bike, meeting fascinating people, and working as little as possible was his life’s dream.

At 19, he met a mechanic who happened to be a millionaire and taught him that one doesn’t need a high-paying job to build wealth. The concept is to make money work hard for you instead of working hard for your money. So before his 20th birthday, he started to invest. By the time Andrew reached his late 30s, he had enough money to retire. He kept working, though, as he knew it gave him more options. 

Twenty years later, he and his wife Pele are now living a nomadic life for the last eight years. He still works hard, but not as often. His love for travelling, swimming in tropical waters, riding his bike, and meeting fascinating people is now his reality.

This is his travel story. How it all started and where he has been.  

Let’s enjoy his story.

My guest Kristen Donnelly

Kristen is an international empathy educator, a TEDx speaker, one of The Good Doctors of Abbey Research, and COO of their parent company.  She has decades of experience helping people understand the different concepts that could change the world, and she unapologetically and passionately loves to share about it.  

Kristen lives just outside Philadelphia with her husband, surrounded by piles of books, especially romance novels. She reads 300 to 400 books a year.  Before our conversation, I watched her TEDx talk and I better understood where she was coming from.  She is here to share how she became the passionate, intense, and talented woman she is today.  I think you’ll find this conversation with Kristen to be enlightening. 

Let's enjoy her story.     

To connects with Krista:



Her TEDx: 

My guest is Fred Rutma

Fred is a former college instructor, intermittent fasting coach, brain trauma and multiple deaths survivor. He just finished writing his medical trauma memoir "The Summer I Died Twenty Times" no one so far has had a story like Fred's. Even doctors don't believe it. 

His story goes beyond resilience. Today he is sharing a few details about his experiences, deaths, brain traumas, attempts at recovery, repeated medical errors, defective pacemakers, and overcoming adversity. But he's leaving plenty for his book readers. During this process, he discovered a potent prophylactic medicinal tool, intermittent fasting. Fred narrates this with great Jewish humour. Fred told me, "if we are supposed to make lemonade out of life's lemons, then I am making the best lemonade ever produced."

Let's enjoy his story!

To connect with Fred:  


#pacemaker #fasting #trauma 

My guest Angela Laws

Angela is the Community Manager at TrustedHousesitters, and she has a fascinating lifestyle. She is an expert at driving brand awareness and leveraging community spirit. 

Angela encompasses the warmth and spirit of the pet-loving community's heart. After retiring at age 65, Angela joined TrustedHousesitters as a founding member of the platform and a full-time house and pet sitter herself. She chose to sell her permanent home and begin house and pet sitting full-time for eight years. 

This episode is about her story since she started TrustedHousesitters, her lifestyle and what the company is all about. Angela is an advocate for her work and the house and pet sitting lifestyle. You can tell how much she loves what she does and how grateful she is to be able to follow her passions and find her purpose. 

Angela has appeared on the famous BBC red sofa to discuss her retirement departure to pursue her passion. She has also featured in publications such as Virgin, The Telegraph and Financial Times as a guest author and interviewee. She received the 'Community Manager of the Year' Drum award in 2018. I am flattered she shared one of her many stories with us. 

Let's enjoy her story! 

How to connect with Angela and TrustedHousesitters:

Instagram @trustedhousesitters 

Facebook @TrustedHousesitters

Twitter - Angela @TrustedAngela

Twitter - THS @Housesitting 

Angela LinkedIn 

Angela In the news...

BBC News - Why I left retirement

The Telegraph - Retirement in the modern age 

Virgin - How young employees are helping to upskill digital Britain 

Tech Pixies - Meet the Woman who BUSTS the Myth of Ageism

Financial Times - Digital Diva

My guest Amanda Penny 

Amanda is a 17-year-old and the teen podcast host of "Amanda's World." She is not an ordinary teen; her life comes with struggles, but her dynamic, energetic and go-getter personality keeps her strong and resilient. She is entirely self-taught and directly produces and manages her podcast independently. When it comes to social media and podcasting, Amanda has a lot of experience. BECAUSE EVERYONE HAS A STORY, Amanda is here with big future dreams to share her story about why she started her podcast. 

Let's enjoy her story.  

Amanda’s World:

My guest Filimon Maeza

Filimon is a 17-year-old high school student who hosts a teen mental health podcast called "The Brief Dive." 

BECAUSE EVERYONE HAS A STORY, Filimon has a story to share of when his parents told him that they were all moving. While it was not too far away, this was still going to be outside of Filimon's comfort zone. This experience taught Filimon the importance of the mind and how it can be used for either one's advantage or disadvantage. He believes that optimizing your mind for future success is vital. 

Let's enjoy his story. 

The Brief Drive:


My Guest, Dawn Barclay

Dawn is a woman of many talents with a flexible mindset that always likes to try new things. She shares her passion and love for travelling, and her immense creativity for writing characters brings her to the show today. 

Dawn is an award-winning fiction and nonfiction author who provides professional content creation, editing, ghostwriting, and writes for special needs and family travel columns. Dawn has also travelled the world and loves to rescue dogs.

She has eight books under her belt as either author or anthology editor. Her romances include The Queen of Second Chances and Simple Tryst of Fate. Her award-winning psychological thrillers include Expired Listings and Saving Grace. 

Dawn's upcoming book: Traveling Different: Vacation Strategies for Parents of the Anxious, the Inflexible, and the Neurodiverse is essentially the ASD travel bible.

Let's enjoy Dawn's Story.

For Dawn's Books and Website:

Welcome to episode 66

My guest Kathleen Donnelly Israel

Kathleen is a young 70+-year-old widow. She's an artist who has come on to share her journey with us. For 17 years, Kathleen cared for her sick husband and took the time to study online with many enlightened thought leaders and healers. She hoped to heal herself from her childhood traumas and to find help dealing with the challenge of having a sick husband through spiritual philosophies.  

After her husband passed, she decided to walk El Camino de Santiago (500 miles across northern Spain) on her own. While on the walk, she found herself, without having intended it, sharing her spiritual philosophies and learnings with those she met along the way.

Upon her return home, she deiced to write her book "Wisdom on the Camino: A Spiritual Journey Sharing Forgiveness and Possibilities to Inspire the Rest of Your Life."  

Let's enjoy her story.  

To connect with Kathleen:



My guest Ryan Lindner

Ryan is a personal development specialist and author. He's worked as a behavioural coach all over the world. Ryan talks about how two sudden, unexplained cardiac arrests at a young age taught him how to prioritize his time and energy. This is Ryan's story, a message of self-acceptance.

In Ryan's book, "The Half-Known Life," he challenges the conventional thinking of success, identity, and personal change. Priorities change when time becomes precious.

Let's enjoy his story.

To connect with Ryan:



My guest James Heppner

James likes to think of himself as an artist of experience. His passion is to create transformational experiences for himself and others to explore what it means to be Fully Alive. He is a results coach and founder of the Weekly Wins and Losses podcast. 

He helps people in their journey to embracing all of life - both wins and losses equally. 

His life worked until it didn’t. Performing life instead of living nearly cost him his business, investments, children and marriage. He flip-flopped between being restless/bored and anxious/depressed. He has spent the last decade designing a life of gratitude not in spite of the losses he had to endure but rather because of the losses he has utilized well.  This is James' story; let's enjoy it!

To connect with James

My guest Cheryl Ilov

Cheryl is an author, a physical therapist, a second-degree black belt in an ancient Japanese martial art called Ninpo Tai Jutsu, a dancer, a former chronic pain patient, a survivor, and the host of the Femininja Project podcast. Her Story is about how she turned her challenges and traumas into The Reluctant Ninja. 

At 36, she was told that her chronic pain would never let her live the life she wanted. Feeling hopeless yet refusing to accept the doctor's prognosis, she began listening to her body and exploring other healing movement modalities, including Pilates. She discovered that there is an incredible amount of strength and power in each and every one of us, just waiting to be unleashed.

She has helped clients to recover from pain and injuries by integrating the science of physical therapy with the art of movement. She truly believes everyone can enjoy vibrant health and vitality at every stage of life.

Let's enjoy her Story.

Connect with Cheryl:

Her books:

My guest Mike Thomson

Mike is an entrepreneur, matchmaker, sales professional, storyteller, father, and athlete with a natural curiosity about people. He lives in Toronto, Canada. He has been in the recruitment agency industry for fourteen years and launched SPARK at the end of 2021 to change how top talent can be attracted. He came to BEHAS to explain how he is on a mission to change the way organizations hire. 

Let's imagine if companies still marketed products or services exclusively using flyers and coupons through the mail. That's how companies recruit with job descriptions that have not changed their style in decades. Interesting concept? Many of us have been thinking this way for a while, and I am glad Mike is here to share the mission. 

Let's enjoy! 

Connect with Mike:

My guest Leigh Hearl

Leigh is a fiercely determined, energetic woman, author, TEDx Speaker, wife and mother. Like many others, Leigh lived through some trauma. She found a pivotal moment in her life to break the silence, which started with saying these six little words to a friend. "I need to tell you something." This was the very beginning of her healing journey. Now she is on a mission to help others break their silence, start their healing journey, and share their secrets safely in a truly unique way.

Laws silence some people. Some wish to protect the privacy of the ones they love. Others cannot bear the pressure and judgement of public life. For many, an echo of their fear, doubt or shame silences them. Leigh founded Meg Heart, a Social Enterprise committed to giving a voice to those who have been silenced and shedding light on critical societal issues. The voice of Meg Heart speaks for them.  

Leigh is sharing her story with us. It's about a secret she kept hidden for many years for fear of judgment and to protect her children. Leigh believes in the power of real stories' ability to change the world. I couldn't agree more. This is another powerful story.  

Let's enjoy! 

She lives in Australia with her family. 

Meg Heart's first book, Carbon Under Pressure, is a real and raw story about Rose. A mother wakes to a nightmare and is thrust into a race to save three lives.

 Let's enjoy Leigh's story.

Send Audience To:


My guest is José Ignacio Guzmán

José is a geoscientist and certified professional coach who balances his time in retirement between meditation, service, writing, and coaching. His story, "Murmurs of the Inner Voice," is about existential questions he had at a young age and how a book suggested by a stranger gave him the answers he needed and helped him awaken his life purpose. He shares how he overcame significant challenges and turned them into opportunities by listening and following his inner voice of intuition.

He helps professionals and executives pivot into their next chapter in life, whether it be retirement, a new career, or a business venture. He is one of the contributing authors of the best-selling anthology Turning Point Moments.

Let's enjoy!  

To connect with José, you can join his Facebook community, "Successful Professionals Who Embrace Change"


write to:

The book: Turning Points Moments 

My guest Agape Garcia

October was first declared National Domestic Violence Awareness Month in 1989 in the USA. Since then, October has been a time to acknowledge domestic violence survivors and be a voice for its victims. Domestic violence is prevalent in every community and affects everyone regardless of age, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, or nationality. Domestic violence can result in physical injury, psychological trauma, and even death. Physical violence is often accompanied by emotionally abusive and controlling behaviour as part of a much larger, systematic pattern of dominance and control. The devastating consequences of domestic violence can cross generations and last a lifetime.

Although there has been substantial progress in reducing domestic violence in the USA, an average of 20 people are physically abused by intimate partners every minute. This equates to more than 10 million abuse victims annually. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have been physically abused by an intimate partner, and 1 in 5 women and 1 in 7 men have been severely physically abused by an intimate partner. Millions of Americans live in daily, silent fear within their own homes. In addition, every year, millions of children are exposed to domestic violence. Domestic violence incidents affect every person within a home and can have long-lasting negative effects on children's emotional well-being and social and academic functioning.

Agape is the Executive Director of "Confronting Domestic Violence, Inc." Helping real-time victims with real-time resources! Be Your Incredible Self (BYIS) best describes Agape's tenacious attitude towards empowering herself and others. Over the past 35 years, Agape has navigated through domestic violence, privacy, safety, vulnerability, and the mindset to endure personal adverse events in life. Agape shares what Post-Traumatic Growth, or PTG, is, her own experience in the early days of her life and how it affected her as a human being. She also shares how she overcame a tumultuous childhood, a double attempted homicide while eight months pregnant, and the subsequent physical and emotional ordeal. Agape's journey demonstrates the possibility of the resilient human spirit and the importance of how our community can help us survive and thrive.

Her personal journey of post-traumatic growth has led Agape to dedicate her life to developing transformational programs, various forms of coaching, and certification courses and establishing a nonprofit to help real-time victims. Her commitment is to provide lifelong transformational habits that can restore your powerful internal sense of control. One of her personal statements, 'You don't live anywhere but in your head,' is why some of her laser-focus teachings are on aligning your mental and emotional belief system.

Agape's personal mission is to help lead others in transforming their survival of Domestic Violence (DV) into Post Traumatic Growth, and to mitigate the depletion of resources for real-time victims. Sharing her story is empowering so many others.

Let's enjoy Agape's story.  

To Connect with Agape:



My Guest, Reece Koch 

She is a young Canadian-Irish citizen passionate about the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and impact. Reece works in London as a consultant with Deloitte. I became curious about her when I stumbled onto her website, where she combines her resume, projects, achievements, blogs and travels. I love the concept; her style and love for travel resonated with me, and her site gave me many ideas to improve my website. Having her as a guest on BEHAS was the next natural step. Here is Reece, sharing her journey. 

Let enjoy!


Her website:

My guest, Morgana Rae

Morgana is the international #1 best-selling author of Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation. A pioneer in personal development for over 28 years, Morgana writes, speaks, and coaches from a desire to empower idealistic entrepreneurs, artists, healers, and humanitarians. She is widely regarded as the world's leading relationship-with-money coach for her groundbreaking approach to love-centred wealth building.

Morgana's fans call her the Money Goddess because of the many documented stories of clients manifesting unexpected income within hours of changing their relationship with money. 

Morgana is also 26 weddings deep into getting married 100 times in 100 countries to one man.

Connect with Morgana

Take Morgana's free Money Love assessment 

My guest Julianne Bosch

Julianne is a mother, wife, author, coach, and a well-travelled ex-pat. When she turned 50 and saw her children had grown up, Julianne realized that she needed to do something different and exciting to give herself a new purpose. She gathered all the memories and notes she'd collected while living in different countries and wrote her first book. It's called How A Mother Took Her First Step On The Moon - A Mother's Keepsake Journal, a collection of uplifting true stories and an empowering workbook for parents. Julianne is now working on book number two, How She Took Her First Step On the Moon - A Mother's Keepsake Journal of Interviews. It explores mothers' advice from around the world. Where her husband's work takes him, Julianne comes along. She has the best of both worlds: a hugely fulfilling job, and she gets to travel with her partner of 28 year

Let's enjoy her story.

To connect with Julianne:

Julianne's book: How A Mother Took Her First Step On The Moon 

My guest is Geralyn Ritter

Geralyn is the author of Bone by Bone: A Memoir of Trauma and Healing. It’s about her recovery from injuries in the 2015 Amtrak derailment. She is a frequent public speaker on the topics of personal and professional resilience, trauma recovery, the patient perspective on the opioid crisis, and the power of grace. She is also a recognized expert in healthcare policy and the executive vice president at Organon & Co. Geralyn is a mother of three young men and has been married for 24 years to her loving husband, Jonathan.

She is here to share her incredible story of physical and mental hardship in her journey to recovery after the 2015 Amtrak accident. Ultimately, this is a story of hope and survival against incredible odds that offers lessons in resilience for all of us at all levels, from the patient to the caregivers and people around us. Geralyn is vulnerable, authentic and shares the good, the bad and the ugly. 

Geralyn has made it a priority to give back to the hospital community that saved her life. She lives in New Jersey, USA.

Let's enjoy her story. 

To connect with Geralyn:

My guest Pele Hallam-Young

Pele was born and grew up in rural Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania. She never thought her life path would involve living and working overseas for more than 30 years. She has worked in Spain, Ecuador, Colombia, Hong Kong and Singapore and has travelled to more than 70 countries. She's been a full-time nomad for over eight years now. Pele is here to talk about various topics, including who she attributes her sense of adventure too, a few travel experiences, and her parents. Pele is glad her husband, Andrew Hallam, a Clever Nomad, shares her adventurous spirit. You can listen to his story in Episode #59.

Let's enjoy Pele's story.

My guest Kimberly Anne Bell

The amazing Kimberly joined me for this week's episode to share her self-love, acceptance, and healing journey.  Kimberly is a survivor of a difficult childhood who has embraced her story and found her self-worth. She courageously faces her past and embarks on a journey of self-discovery to break the cycle of toxic relationships and reclaim her dignity. I learned:

1. How Kimberly discovered her own worth and the importance of self-love while on her journey of healing from trauma.

2. What resources and services she used to find the courage to break the generational taboos and seek help.

3. How Kimberly copes with the judgement of her story by others.

She now works to help others find their own self-worth and break the cycle of toxic relationships.

Let's enjoy Kimberly's story. 

Kimberly's book:

My guest David Richman

An entrepreneur, author, public speaker, athlete, and philanthropist, David Richman uses the lessons learned in his life to enrich and inspire others. He is sharing his lessons learned, having been a sedentary, overweight smoker. David knew that he needed to focus not on what others wanted out of him but on what he wanted out of life. And how he became a writer and wrote his first two books. 

During our conversation, he made me reflect as he shared many noteworthy points:

1 - The importance of sharing your story as it forms a deeper connection with others and oneself.

2 - The power of talking to your mind and changing one's perspective.

3 - The power of leading with curiosity.  

4 - The mindset of 'I have to do something' vs 'I get to do something.'

Let's enjoy David's Story.

David's books:

Winning in the Middle of the Pack, David discusses how to get more out of ourselves than ever imag­ined.

Cycle of Lives, David shares the interconnected stories of others overcoming obstacles—specifically cancer.

To learn more about David's story and mission

My guest is Andrea Lukac

Andrea is based in St Pölten, Austria, where she’s a Neuro-linguistic programming Trainer, Hypnosis Coach and Psychological Counsellor. Andrea believes in setting healthy boundaries and changing subconscious patterns for a better life. After studying economics, when Andrea entered the working world, she quickly noticed how unhappy she and other people around her were in their day-to-day lives. This awareness pushed her curiosity to try and live her life to the fullest and find her passion. Andrea looked into various methods and tools for help. Eventually, certified with extra tools and knowledge focusing on human behaviour, Andrea also assists others in overcoming fear, shame, and judgment by teaching them how to communicate their needs and wants effectively. 

Let’s enjoy her story.

To connect with Andrea:

My guest is Grant Tate.

Grant is a servant leader, transformational coach, author, and business consultant who helps people learn how to thrive in our chaotic world.

Grant is here to share his story of struggles to find himself despite his success in the corporate world. He was conflicted, disillusioned, and alone. Grant searched for meaning while navigating new challenges, cultures, and rapid societal changes across two continents, where he eventually found a new path to transformation. His experiences over these years inspired him to write his first book, "Hand on the Shoulder: Finding Freedom in the Confluence of Love and Career." This is his journey through the joys and absurdities of work life and the struggle to find a balance between personal ambition and the human need for love.

Grant lives in Charlottesville, VA, with his wife, Ancolien.

Let's enjoy his story.

To connect with Grant 

My guest is Ashlee Dozier

Ashlee is a Florida entrepreneur with a love for travel and business.  In 2016, after a decade-long career in public health and having exited an abusive relationship, she set out on a four-month solo backpacking trip around the world.  Along the way, she discovered the luxurious world of Egyptian fragrances.  She built a business from the ground up, Anuket Luxury Apothecary, to share her passion with those looking for a natural alternative to traditional colognes and perfumes.

In her episode, she shares her travel experiences, lessons on entrepreneurship, and her challenges and achievements.  Ashlee also talks about her belief that there’s enough success available in the world for all of us to achieve it. She shares how she enjoys collaborating with other small businesses via Anuket. 

 All her exotic fragrance oils are imported from Egypt and hand-bottled in Florida. 

Let’s Enjoy her story. 

Anuket Luxury Apothecary

My guest is Tina De Luca.

Tina is the founder of INLIGHTIN ENERGY. She provides intuitive reading services and guidance for individuals and groups. 

Her story began when she had a near-death experience at age 5. She shares how she discovered her abilities and answers many other questions my curiosity came up with. Tina believes that her esoteric family, mentors, and all of her life’s circumstances have contributed to her psychic abilities.

She utilizes her gifts and in-depth knowledge of Numerology and the Cards to counsel toward clarity, comfort, and confirmation. Her readings encompass the past, present, and future.

Tina De Luca is a native of Alberta, Canada and has lived and travelled in many diverse cities worldwide. 

Let’s enjoy her story.

To connect with Tina,


My guest is Benjamin Davidson 

Benjamin The Dream Wizard

Benjamin is a psychological professional with over 20 years of experience in mental health, practicing outside of licensed services. He is not a counsellor, psychologist, or therapist. He offers eclectic dream analysis and edits historical dream literature, all for entertainment and educational purposes. 

He is here to share his story of becoming Benjamin, The Dream Wizard, an interpreter of people's dreams. Benjamin is a fellow podcaster with extensive physiology, philosophy, and archetypes knowledge. He touches on many interesting points, including his neurodiverse brain and education. It was fun to spend time in Benjamin's world. You'll agree that he is a clever and jolly man.

Let's enjoy his story.

To connect with Benjamin:

My guest is Chris Donaldson

This is a coming-of-age road trip like no other. 

Chris Donaldson is an adventurous man with a motivation that drove him to embark on a journey of self-discovery. He left Belfast in 1979. He originally planned a 10k-mile motorcycle ride to Australia but didn’t make it. The Iranian revolution stopped him and forced him to take a detour. That took him to the peaks of The Andes, and he upped his mileage to 50k before returning to Belfast. 

Chris is the author of ”Going the Wrong Way,” which chronicles a worldwide voyage of self-discovery and brings the reader in to share his experiences. 

Forty-two years later, Chris is again on a ride to Australia on the same Moto Guzzi Le Mans. He decided to finally complete the journey with an old friend, Liam Lavery and is making the journey in stages as they both have wives, children, and jobs. They will continue to the Americas to complete the round-the-world voyage if all goes well.

This is his story; let’s enjoy it!

My guest Lily Woi

This is the story of Lily, a self-proclaimed extroverted introvert who spent years figuring out who the hell she was. Always yearning for connection but yet constantly wanting solitude.  Not fully fitting in but not excluded either. Often feeling like she didn’t belong and spent years struggling to find her voice, passion, and identity. She thought starting her career in corporate consulting in another country and culture could wipe clean all her insecurities and start fresh with confidence. She was wrong. If anything, it amplified.

Despite all that, she became unapologetically authentic & empowered in her career in a quiet and confident way.

Lily Woi, formerly a corporate consultant, is now a coach for corporate leaders and professionals. She accelerates their career progression and helps them fall back in love with their professions.

She is on a mission to help others unleash their success and superpowers to flourish in their uniqueness.  

Let’s enjoy her story.  

To connect with LiIy:

Linked In

Welcome to Episode #88

Art Costello isn’t only sharing his astounding story; he’s also offering wisdom on how to shed limiting beliefs by focusing on how to expect vs what to expect. 

There is one thing that drives Art, and that is the passion for expectations. As a visionary mindset expert, author and counsellor, Art hones the expectations of people who have perhaps lost their joy, are feeling anxious or depressed, or can’t seem to connect to their life’s purpose. He is devoted to helping people from all walks of life connect their expectations with their achievements. Using his life experiences and training, he has created a powerful program, Expectation Therapy, that will guide the user through their current inhibited belief patterns into their optimal creative mind.

Art’s background includes serving as a Marine in Vietnam, playing college and semi-professional baseball, completing a degree in psychology, working as a talent scout in the entertainment industry, and being an entrepreneur and counsellor. Art is also the host of the popular podcast Shower Epiphanies. He currently lives in Austin, Texas.

Let’s enjoy his story. 

T connect with Art:

Cathi Rae, in 2017 walked away from a professional career that was making her miserable. She took on the role of a domestic cleaner instead. This gave her time and energy to do what she loved. That is poetry, writing, and other creative outlets. She studied for an MA in creative writing. Cathi, via Instagram, is now challenging the invisibility of older women in fashion, celebrating preloved styles and mindful consumption. She is currently working on a Ph.D. on the poetry of marginalization.

Cathi is a widely published poet and a spoken word artist. Her collection "Your cleaner hates you & other poems" (Soulful Publishing) is available via Amazon. She also performs and teaches creative writing throughout the UK.

Let’s enjoy his story.

To connect & follow Cathi:



More of Cathi​

Did you take what you thought was your dream job in your chosen career but now feel stuck in a role that no longer makes your heart sing? Do you fantasize about escaping but don't know how?  Well, maybe Elizabeth's story is for you. She shares how excited she was to become a teacher after raising her children and how unhappy she became after just a few years into it. Her tenacity to find an exit took her to where she is now. She helps heart-centred teachers get out of teaching and into a life they love. She hosted the "Get out of Teaching" podcast and founded the 20K viral Get out of Teaching Facebook group.
Elizabeth Diacos is a career transition coach for educators. She founded Larksong Enterprises. Elizabeth is on a mission to help teachers make a healthy, empowered, and hopeful exit out of Education and into a life that aligns with their passion, purpose, values, and priorities.
Elizabeth lives in Australia.

Let's enjoy her story. 


Nathan Stuck brings a unique perspective on finding a career with a purpose. After a decade of professional experiences, some worse than others, he began an MBA and got introduced to the B Corp movement. Nathan has spent the past five years immersing himself in corporate social responsibility and ESGs, building diverse, inclusive, engaging, and winning cultures. His story shows how he learned from all his jobs and never stopped taking action and making progress for himself. He was fortunate to find a career with purpose—a dream for most of us.  

He loves helping students find their paths to purpose and to inspire executives to bring their businesses into the 21st century. I enjoyed our conversation and the many nuggets of wisdom Nathan shared with me. He is engaging, fun and authentic. 

Nathan is an award-winning leader in the B Corp community and the Founder & CEO of Profitable Purpose Consulting, a culture and impact consultancy that helps companies certify as B Corporations. 

Nathan teaches an experiential MBA course on B Corps at the University of Georgia. He serves on the board of B Academics, a nonprofit committed to research and experiential B Corp learning opportunities worldwide. 

Let's Enjoy his Story!

His book, Happy Monday: Designing Your Career With Purpose.
TedTalk: Reimagining Capitalism Through Purpose, With Purpose, & On Purpose

Zachary Daniel is a young entrepreneur who desires an unconventional life and career.  He covers his first business, career, entrepreneur’s mindset, and life as an adopted African American into a white family.  His story was engaging, and the time we spent together was enjoyable.

He is a jovial American Midwest native who graduated with a degree in Nuclear Medicine before pursuing his passion in finance.  Now a Registered Investment Advisor, he leads a new wave in the industry focused on cryptocurrency.  He recently came out with his debut fiction novel, Manifest Destiny.

Let’s Enjoy!

To connect with Zachary:

Justin Brien had a 16-year battle with addiction and a lifelong mental health and self-worth struggle. He lost jobs, friendships, a son, a girlfriend, and nearly his life. He was hopeless and lost. This is his story and the power of him finding his WHY. Now he shows people that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I found it surprising that someone could have such low self-worth at a very young age.  

Justin Brien is now a Mental Health Advocate, Inspirational Speaker and Professional Coach. He believes in the power of sharing your story and that lending an ear can go a long way. 

Let's enjoy his story. 

To connect with Justin:

Sue Bowles is a survivor, award-winning author, speaker, and Master Certified Professional Coach.

Having done the hard work of healing following a childhood rape, an eating disorder, and suicide ideation, Sue now defines the effect these life-altering events have had on her. The events no longer define Sue. She joins us to explain her journey of surviving and recovering from abuse, trauma, depression, and an eating disorder. She leads "My Step Ahead," an organization committed to breaking the stigma around mental health struggles. "You only have to be a step ahead to help the person behind you" is the bedrock of the value Sue brings.

Let's enjoy her story! 

To connect with Sue:
Her book: The Space Between 

Danielle is a brain trauma survivor, public speaker, author and entrepreneur who turned pain into power after being hit by a drunk driver at 23. She defied the medical prognosis of no hope and recovered her physical and mental abilities with the help of Asea Redox Signaling Molecules, yoga and meditation. Her story is an example of Post-Traumatic Growth, a positive psychological change that some people experience after a traumatic event. 

Let's enjoy her story!

Her book: MIND CONTROL: It's All In Your Head. 

Amir Siddiqui followed a series of disappointments as a young man and became depressed and suicidal. He spent the next eight years pursuing personal growth and completely turned his life around. 

He firmly believes that having an empowered mindset, maintaining a healthy diet, connecting with nature, getting enough sleep, having social connections, and exercising regularly are all crucial factors in achieving a happy and healthy life. 

Amir's book, "From Suicidal to Serene," was launched in October 2022. It combines a memoir and a self-help book, where he shares his 8-year journey towards healing and personal growth.

Amir was born in Pakistan and immigrated to the United States in 1994. He resides in Virginia, where he enjoys forest bathing, kayaking, sailing, meditating, and yoga.

Let's enjoy his story. 

To connect with Amir:

Claire French - After a chance encounter during the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival, I was thrilled to sit down with Claire, a remarkable dancer, choreographer, and mentor with over 30 years of experience. In our conversation, we dive into her fascinating PhD research in dance, which explores the role of a choreographer as more than just an authority figure. She reflects on the significance of creating a space for collaboration between dancers and choreographers and how open-mindedness and a willingness to question can lead to new perspectives and growth in the world of dance.

We discuss the pivotal moments in Claire's career as she transitioned from a dancer to a choreographer and mentor. She shares her experiences with interdisciplinary collaboration and how it has shaped her creative process, as well as the importance of fostering dialogue and understanding between dancers and choreographers. Claire's unique perspective on the art of dance is genuinely enriching to all who listen.

Claire is a renowned choreographer, dance artist, teacher, and researcher with multiple awards in Europe and Canada. Claire was born and trained in Europe, but her journey led her to Canada when she pursued an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies at SFU, Vancouver, where she became a permanent resident in 2001.

Don't miss this compelling conversation with a true artist and visionary in the world of dance, Claire.

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Augustin Bourgois - Augie embarks us on his captivating story of self-discovery and career. Leaving his town in Lille, France, at 15, he bravely ventured to a farming-focused boarding school, opening his eyes to different cultures and ways of life. This bold decision sparked a series of adventures. Augie's path took him to the vibrant city of Bayonne, between France and Spain, where he indulged in delicious food, revelled in a lively social scene, and discovered his passion for the hospitality industry.

Our conversation leads us through Augie's remarkable experiences, from attending culinary school to working in a Michelin-star restaurant. Along the way, he imparts invaluable insights into embracing the unknown, the significance of patience, and the power of forging connections. His story serves as a testament to the fact that regardless of age or background, something new and exhilarating is always waiting for you.

Augustin Bourgois is an MBA grad with a multicultural experience in business management, customer success, and operation development. After working in hospitality management in Europe and Asia, he settled in New York and sterned his career in the tech industry, launching Data Sailing in 2020 as a data analyst. His soft and technical skills solve Data issues and implement new processes.

Please tune in and be inspired by Augie's incredible journey and the lessons he has learned. Whether you're seeking the courage to change your life or simply searching for motivation.

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Osnat is a Product Coach, Author of the bestselling book "Starting From Scratch - Manage Change Like Your Career Depends On It," and Speaker.

Imagine leaving everything you know behind to start a new life in another country with another culture, only to be warned that the job you're moving for may not be there after all. That's precisely what happened to Osnat, who bravely decided to relocate from Israel to the US, despite looming uncertainty. Listen as she shares the gripping journey of courage, resilience, and "Starting from Scratch." 

After her worst fears materialized and his position was eliminated, Osnat didn't crumble. Instead, she used this setback to fuel his determination, presenting a compelling case to her boss with research and data to back her claims. Not only did this move to get her rehired, but it also paved the way for another career reinvention. Osnat's story is a testament to the power of well-honed networking skills, understanding people's motivations, and preparing for oneself in the workplace.

During our conversation, Osnat shares insights from her book “STARTING FROM SCRATCH.” A toolkit packed with everything you need to make change work for you. You'll learn how to grow your knowledge, build your resilience, connect with the right kind of support, recognize when change is coming, and manage your mental health along the way. Osnat emphasizes the importance of honest conversations with your manager and the value of mentorship. Her experience of wearing multiple hats - as a consultant, writer, author, mom, speaker, and course developer - speaks volumes about her incredible resilience and relentless pursuit of growth. So, prepare to be inspired and enlightened by Osnat's journey, packed with invaluable lessons for personal development and career reinvention.

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Dr. Margit Gabriele Muller is a veterinarian and Executive Director of Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital. She is also an award-winning author of the book "Your Pet, Your Pill" and a professional certified coach and speaker.

Margit tells a captivating tale of her journey from overcoming childhood trauma to becoming a highly respected veterinarian. She also shares a personal aspect of her life, growing up with a mother diagnosed with schizophrenia and how animals have therapeutic benefits for mental health.

Imagine being the only Western woman working at the largest Falcon hospital in the Middle East. Margit became the first female falcon doctor in the male-dominated world of Arab falconry. She tells of her remarkable experiences at the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, where she faced resistance from staff and falconers but succeeded through resilience and her knowledge of German veterinary practices. Under her leadership, the Falcon Hospital has become a major tourist attraction, sharing knowledge about this fascinating tradition. Our conversation takes us on an insightful journey through the mesmerizing world of falconry in the Middle East, where these majestic birds are deeply embedded into the daily life of the Bedouins. Margit's narration of the bond between a falcon and its owner, the preventive measures for a falcon's long life, and the protective glove for the handler's arm is nothing less than fascinating.

As we wrap up our conversation, Margit discusses her coaching program, Deep Inner Transformation in 30 Days, and how regression therapy can bring about powerful changes. You will surely be captivated by Margit's experiences and the unique insights she gets from her world.


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What if you had a roadmap for adulthood that no one ever handed you? That's what Natasha Sattler, author of Shit, Adults Never Taught Us, has created. Inviting us on her journey, she unveils the inspiration behind her book, sparked during the quiet contemplation the pandemic brought. An easy-to-navigate guide, her book explores four pillars of adulthood - money and career, relationships, mental health, and life - through bite-sized wisdom nuggets.Natasha is a Maryland native. She moved to LA straight after college and worked as a Producer in the film industry for almost a decade before she wrote her first book, "Shit Adults Never Taught Us," in six weeks.Natasha doesn't just stop at her book. She generously spills over invaluable insights on community building in the digital world. She emphasizes soulful connections over mere numbers and encourages seeking out your tribe. Natasha is a world traveller and podcaster. For her, travelling has been a pivotal factor in her self-discovery journey and plays a critical role in her forthcoming book. Also, her podcast, she says, allows a deeper exploration of topics that resonate with modern society.  Natasha lives in LA with her pet, Kingston. 

Let's enjoy her story. 

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How would you navigate through the wilderness of grief, discover a new version of yourself, and perhaps, find love again after losing a life partner of over three decades?

The fearless guest and inspiring Debbie Weiss have walked the path and shared her journey. Having lost her husband to cancer, Debbie provides a poignant narrative of living through loss, wrestling with grief, and finding the courage to reshape her life.

Debbie is a former attorney who earned her MFA in creative writing at 56 from Saint Mary's College of California. After losing her high school sweetheart and husband of 32 years, George, Debbie turned to writing as she lived alone and single for the first time.
In this episode, we pull back the layers of Debbie's healing process, exploring the instrumental role of therapy in dealing with her loss. The struggle to respect her husband's wishes while battling the urge to intervene is heart-rending, as is her journey back to school for an MFA. Her resilience is evident in how she dealt with loneliness and eventually ventured into online dating, leading her to find love again five years after her husband's passing.
Her journey results in a book titled "Available As Is: "A Midlife Widow's Search for Love," published in 2022.
As we wrap up, the power of Debbie's story emerges in her candid reflections. Her openness and vulnerability encourage us to listen, respond, and connect. In sharing her tale, Debbie becomes a beacon of hope, reminding us that loss is not the end but a part of life's journey. Indeed, life can and does go on, sometimes in ways we never imagined. Join us in this heartfelt conversation and let Debbie's story inspire those treading a similar path.
Debbie lives in California Bay Area.
Let's Enjoy her Story.
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Discover the captivating story of Edward - a versatile video producer and digital nomad. Follow his journey filled with ups and downs - from experimenting in various niches to establishing a thriving career in the tech industry. Edward's tale is a testament to his tenacity and perseverance in the face of challenges.

His transition from nightlife to a career in tech brought him face-to-face with the importance of emotional intelligence, particularly in email communication. As he traverses through various European cities, leveraging platforms like Airbnb, Edward finds a change of scene and a plethora of opportunities outside of New York City. Along the way, he developed impressive SEO expertise and shared his journey on TikTok, paving the way for the 'Build in Public' movement. All this while emphasizing the importance of having fun and fostering a world filled with empathy.

Yet, the conversation doesn't end here. Edward talks about the value of sales skills, highlighting his experiences and struggles as he navigated the tech arena. He also shares his insights on the role of traditional education, the influence of books like 'How To Win Friends and Influence People,' and the power of networking. Finally, he opens up about the challenges and strengths of being neurodiverse, viewing it as a superpower. Tune in for a journey filled with insights, inspiration, and a raw look into the life of a digital nomad.

Let's enjoy his story.

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After suffering health challenges that resulted from focusing on everyone and everything but herself, Dr. Alex's work turned towards helping other driven women navigate the world of fatigue, thyroid issues, anxiety and depression, difficulty losing weight, gut health and more without using medications. This is a journey of resilience, strength and self-discovery. Dr. Alex shares her compelling personal narrative. From her unexpected journey into motherhood in the challenging terrain of Alaska to her battle with a toxic environment and troubled marriage, Dr. Alex's story is a testament to the power of setting boundaries and redefining personal integrity.

Dr. Alexandra Swenson-Ridley is a thought leader in outside-the-box and natural approaches to women's health and hormones, focusing on what she has termed Selfless Syndrome. 

Entering the tumultuous world of entrepreneurship, Dr. Alex faced the burnout many business owners fear. But rather than succumb to the pressure, she used this experience as a springboard to her greater purpose. From managing her business and leading a team to finding her passion as an Integrative Women's Health Coach and pursuing a Ph.D. in Integrative and Natural Medicine, she's a testament to the importance of working within our zone of genius.

We also delve into the crucial topic of hormonal balance and self-worth, discussing the impact of stress on our hormones and the importance of understanding our internal environment. We broach the challenges of Western medicine and women's health and how understanding our bodies is the key to well-being. 

Dr. Alex founded Emergent Women Coaching & Health Consulting and is building a business that serves her clients and her health while helping other women do the same. She is the host of the Intuitive Women's Leadership Podcast for Busy High Performing Women, the creator of the Emergent Women Method and Chrysalis Health Consulting Program, a Ph.D. candidate in Integrative Medicine through Quantum University, and an Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine. Her mission is to help women break through the constraints imposed by misinformation, society and a lack of self-worth and step into the tremendous power of who they are.

Let's enjoy her story!

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